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Buy from China

We assist businesses in their dealings with China. 

We cover product sourcing, negotiating with suppliers, payment assistance, product inspection, purchasing of goods and shipping them to Nigeria or your respective country.


Buy From China

We aim to be the top sourcing agency for Nigerians needs in china, guiding your business through the numerous opportunities China offers.

We provide the full business supply chain in China. Providing export services to you.



Whatever your product is, our dedicated team will source for quality manufacturers.


We Help with Negotiating to get the best prices for our customers


Having troubles paying a supplier? We provide affordable payment services for our customers.


Upon request, our team conduct quality inspection of goods before they are delivered to you.


Upon request, We arrange Low-cost Shipping to you. Products can be sent via air or sea.


Our Winning Business Process

Thorough Search

Searching for products in China can be easily done on sites like Alibaba, we however take this a step further by getting in-depth details about the company such as their reputation, and ability to deliver.

We also have a reliable network to recommend top trusted suppliers for almost every product.

Proper Negotiation

Before connecting our clients to suppliers, we take it upon ourselves to screen each suppliers to get the most reasonable price for a product.

We try to provide at least 3 different suppliers for each of our clients. Our negotiation process is open, as we do not inflate prices given by suppliers.


Open Communication

We frequently update our clients about their purchased goods throughout the supply chain process, . By frequently updating our clients with updates on their goods.

We maintain this communication for all types of deals, no matter the amount.


Pricing Models For Every Level

We offer pocket-friendly prices for each business deals so you too can buy from China.

Prices can be negotiated based on needs.

Freights are handled and calculated independently, due to the various options available. Please specify if you want us to handle freight for you.


Frequently Asked Questions

I am interested in buying goods from China and sending them down to Nigeria, How do i go about it?

This process can be carried out by two easy steps:
1. Notify us of the product(s) you require and out team will find the product. We also accept clients who already know the suppliers they want to deal with and we assist in communicating with the supplier.
2. We establish total costs of the product and upon approval, payment is finalized and your products are shipped to you..

I can make payments myself, I just need help with shipping.

We provide shipping services to send items to Nigeria through our trusted shipping agents. Upon purchasing your items, we will provide you with our address in China where your supplier can send the items. Please note that sending of goods from our address(the City we are based) to the shipping agents (normally in another city) attracts an additional cost according to the total weight of your item. The total cost will be properly calculated for you on request.

How Much is your shipping rate?

Shipping cost to Nigeria changes almost weekly. So we inform each client of the shipping rate based on the cheapest options provided by our trusted agents.
Shipping cost is based on the weight of your goods and sending of goods with battery are charged differently. 

I have my seller/supplier and my shipping agent already, i just need help in making payments in China

If you have your own personal supplier and shipping agent and you only require us to make payments to them on your behalf, all you have to do is send the money to us in Naira and we  pay them in China. Once we have made the payments on your behalf, we will send you a confirmation.

I don't have a specific supplier, i would need help in checking for a number of items.

If you need help in getting the right goods from the right supplier, we offer sourcing services for all and any desired item.  We will provide you with a list of possible suppliers with their quotes to enable you select according to your budget. After an item has been approved by you, we then pay the supplier and either send the goods to your preferred shipping agent or our recommended shipping agents.

How do I get my goods in Nigeria?

Goods are sent to Lagos, however you can arrange to have your goods delivered to any state in Nigeria at an extra cost.

How DO I make payment?

You can make payments through Western Union or to our Nigerian bank account and we then convert and make payment on your behalf in China.

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