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Doing business with China? We provide professional services, resource guides and technical support to help you find manufacturers and logistics agents that offer quality products affordable prices.

Helping importers and businessmen turn ideas into products manufactured in China. We explore China for you and your business in Nigeria or any part of Africa.

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Source, Buy, Import and Pay all from Nigeria.

Distance should not affect your business.¬† We focus on establishing long-term partnerships with our customers, providing you with the best solutions for your business. From sourcing for your goods in China to payment and shipping to Nigeria, we’ve got you covered.

Some Key Services we Provide include

  • Customization and testing of Product Samples.
  • Negotiations With and Payment of Suppliers in China.
  • Quality Control and Quality Assurance.
  • Shipping & Distribution to Nigeria or other parts of Africa.
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Business Consulting

Product Sourcing, Manufacturing Consulting

Comprehensive Product Sourcing

Product Sample Customization

Shipping & Distribution

Product Quality Inspection

Product Quality Control

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We help interested clients explore China’s numerous trade potentials particularly by buying goods made in China and sexporting thrm. We exist solely to cater for your business needs in China.

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Product Sourcing, Manufacturing Consulting

Whatever your product is, our dedicated team will source for quality manufacturers.


Having troubles paying a supplier? We provide affordable payment services for our customers.

Product Inspection

Upon request, our team conducts quality inspection of goods before they are delivered to you.


Upon request, We arrange Low-cost Shipping to you. Products can be sent via air or sea.


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